Adult Personal Care

Adult Personal Care is a Home Care service that offers assistance for aging adults and adults with disabilities. This program is in place to encourage independent living and quality of care in the home setting. Each Personal Support Specialist caregiver is strategically matched with a client, to provide individualized care in the home.

Our COR Health Personal Care Department works closely with referring agencies such as Alpha 1 and Senior’s Plus (EIM) to help members in the community access ClientFirst tailored, customized care plans to their individual needs. Our PSS staff assist with IADLS (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) and ADLS (Activities of Daily Living), as directed by their care plan. These activities include cooking, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, bathing, dressing, grooming assistance, med cueing, laundry and transferring. Each member of our PSS staff team is trained and equipped with the education needed to assist their client with quality care. COR Health follows our QualityFirst Philosophy by adhering to regulatory guidelines within the Maine Care benefits manual, such as providing supervision of PSS services within the home by routine visits from administrative staff, plus our own best practices.

Keep your loved one safe at home with our exceptional Personal Care services and allow us to show you what ClientFirst is all about.

Our Caregivers come to the home or care facility to provide any or all of the following services and more:

Caregivers may provide all of the care and assistance that a typical, non-professional family member would provide. By removing the burden of these duties from the family, your loved one can look forward to spending quality time during your visits and receiving your full attention and affection. At the family’s option, COR Health also enables a family member to be a caregiver to provide service and to be reimbursed for those services.

The home care level of service is provided by non-medical caregivers. If your client or loved one requires professional medical care such as administer and adjust medication levels or record vital signs, etc., then COR Health Adult Nursing Services provided by trained medical personnel is the right level of service.

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